Tuesday, February 4, 2014

An Update on Bailey

Many of you know that my faithful dog, Bailey, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  The news was too painful to make public knowledge when I first received it on December 12th.  The date is branded into my mind because he was given only 2 months to live.  And, yes, I cried every day for the first 5 days after hearing it.  Of course, the bad news is that the prognosis hasn't changed.  But there is good news...we are 1 week away from that grim, 2 month date and he's doing remarkably well. 

My sweet Bailey is one of those dogs that makes an impression on people, and many friends have asked to be updated on how he's doing.  I tell those who are concerned that we still go walking daily.  (This morning we walked down to the city circle to mail my February election ballot.)  His appetite is good.  He goes up and down stairs.  With the exception of a little more difficulty getting in and out of the car, the changes are hardly noticeable. (His back end just looks a little off balance because the tumor is there.)

I'm a realist, though, and I've had enough dogs throughout my life to know that when the decline happens, it usually happens fast.  In the meantime I'm grateful for all of the time Bailey is with us. He's been my canine companion since 2002 (originally the family dog who attached himself to me.) I try to mentally prepare for the future, but find it best to live in the now in this situation.

Everyone's good thoughts and wishes are appreciated.  And, yes, he's right beside me as I write this.

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MOM said...

Wonderful, wonderful dog! We will always enjoy the memories of taking him to Carmel, amongst all those purebred dogs...he was a gentleman in stores, in the hotel, on the street...Love Bailey! What a nice tribute to him,honey. Love, MOM