Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow "day"...I mean "weekend!"

When I lived in California, several days of heavy rain could really interrupt everyone's plans.  Now that I live in Washington, I'm learning that several days of snow can have the same effect.

I haven't left the house since Thursday.

Our Relief Society activity was officially cancelled, although it unofficially continued on as planned.

And, here's a first for me:  our church services have been cancelled for tomorrow.  Wow.  When I lived in Utah we would trudge through the snow on BYU campus and attend church. 

But every state has its comfort zone, and snow is not within the comfort zone of this area when it lasts for several days (and weeks, which I hear it has done in the past.)

I'm thankful for our big, cozy house while this weather persists.

I'm thankful that we are stocked up on food and other necessities in the interim.

I'm thankful for my silly workout videos that keep me active when neighborhood activity has effectively shut down.  (I wish my dog would work out with me because he is obviously bored after no walks for 4 days.)

And I'm thankful that Hubby is home for the days when snow is expected to fall.

On Thursday and Friday I cleaned house and prepared for Friday night company--friends of Eric's that he has known since childhood.  We had a very fun night.

Today I finished one movie (The Song of Bernadette from 1943) and started another (Stardust from 2007.)   It was nice to hunker down in a clean house and eat yummy leftovers from last night's dinner.  Tomorrow I plan to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and spend some time reading.

The silence outside is palatable, as the only noises are the very occasional car driving by and snow falling heavily from tree branches that can no longer support it.

It's very beautiful, but I'm ready for it to melt and for life to resume as normal!

And now... a few pictures.  Not nearly as artistic as I would like, but I just didn't feel like getting wet:

"Really?  Is this all the grass that's left?"

"Feeling housebound!"

"Me no like the white stuff."

"Suddenly the rain doesn't seem so bad..."

Views out the front door...

California girls wear flip flops in all kinds of weather!

Panoramic of our street (click to see the original size.)

Backyard views--the backyard has been transformed!

Thank goodness for a breezeway to the garage.

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Joan said...

What did you think of Stardust? I love that movie...a Neil Gaiman book.