Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Photoshop needs to be banned from magazines...

This short video is very powerful. As I think of the way I've been counting calories and exercising each morning and evening for the past 6 weeks I remind myself why I'm doing it. To get healthier? To be skinnier? Or to match up to some unattainable image?

Fortunately, I know that I'm trying to get healthier and lose a few pounds. My dieting and exercise are within reasonable limits and far from extreme. The sad thing is that when I open a magazine and see the images spoken of in this video, I still always forget about the Photoshopping that took place. Photoshop is evil. Seriously. So is the media's definition of beauty.

One of the women in the video says it best, "If you take away all of the little things that make you special, what is left?"

I have an idea...

You know those health disclaimers at the bottom of cigarette and alcohol ads?  I think there should be something like that on every Photoshopped picture, just to remind us that what we are seeing is a departure from reality.

Who is with me?

Have a great day, friends.  Embrace all that makes you unique!


MOM said...

Amazing what they are doing with the photos...I never realized it was to that extent. I'm glad that I'm not exercising to look 20 years younger...'cause it's not going to happen! I exercise lightly because it makes me feel more limber, less stiff, a little more flexible...nothing to do with looks.
Good blog!

Diane Anderson said...

I totally agree with you Kristie about getting healthy. I am not trying to lose weight I am trying to get healthy and because of my age I know that carbs are what killing me so I just avoid them. I also have a goal of just going down. But if I need a carb here and there, it is ok, I am still healthy. Plus I tell people I love my face and I don't want to lose so much weight that it makes my face look thin. As women we to love who we are and enjoy a happy life who we are with.