Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day in the Life...

Today was busy, but not especially exciting. Still, here is how it turned out:

Last night I was exhausted after working in my yard for 4 hours yesterday. I fell asleep at 9:20 and woke up this morning at 4:30am. Naturally I couldn't go back to sleep. So I lay there counting sheep and the minutes until my alarm, which rings at 5:12am (although I ignore it for about 1/2 hour.)

When I got to school I cautiously entered my room, not knowing what shape I would find it after having had a sub on Friday. Happily, it looked intact and the note she left behind was pretty positive. There were 4 kids who needed to be benched for being disruptive, but I can't expect perfection.

We had a productive day, which, for me, ended in a meeting in the principal's office with the 2 administrators. No drama, just a routine meeting to discuss the kids' levels. I even got a little certificate for meeting the required AYP (annual yearly percentage.) I know that sounds insignificant, but when you work this hard, those rare pats on the back are appreciated. Two years in a row, thank you very much!
(Yes, my legal name is Krista. How many of you knew that? And sorry for the black bars and mystery, but this is a public blog...)

After school I went to the car wash and watched a familiar scene--whiny kids asking their mom to buy something and then wearing her out until she said yes. WHY do parents do this?

Despite that, I was in a good mood and tipped the guy who dried my car $5. I went home and watered all my flowers, some which I planted yesterday and a couple that I took from my grandma's house. The yard looks good. Really nice and colorful. I've been wanting to redo it for a while and the weather this weekend was perfect gardening weather.

But wait, there was still more to do. Time to give my mom a perm! Yes, I've been giving her perms since I was about 12 and money was very tight. Now it is just what we do. She even had me give her perms when I was in college 700 miles away. She'd go up and visit with all her perm equipment. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes and she saves around $70 (then she cooks me dinner...)

And now it is the end of a full day. A good day.


Emma.J. said...

Ooh Krista - I like it! :)

Gail said...

AYP is a major accomplishment especially with the class you had last year. You should be proud. And the US should get a new education policy.

Kristie said...

Thanks, Gail! And, although you're "preaching to the choir," I couldn't agree with you more. I'm glad you think so. A lot of parents don't realize how detrimental NCLB is to education, especially in neighborhoods like my district where we have so many English learners, which, under NCLB, basically makes our school get penalized year after year...