Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bomb o' Sound

I just had to share this cool little find. I was in line during one of my rare WalMart trips, while staring at me through the cellophane of a little box I saw these hypnotic eyes attached to a little black ball. The box said that it was a speaker...the Mini Bomb Speaker. $7...tempting.

I've been looking for a speaker to use at church when I want to use a hymn or church song in my Relief Society lessons. Even most of the small ones are cumbersome.

The girl who rang me up said this little thing works great, is rechargeable, and returnable if I don't like it. I decided to try it.

I brought it home and plugged it into my Mp3 player and let the sound ring out in my kitchen. Wow! Pretty impressive for a $7 speaker that's the size of a golf ball.

As my grandma use to say when I'd show her a cool, new gadget..."Aye, these times and days!"

P.S. There are lots of faces to choose from. Mine is like the disillusioned-looking one on the far right.

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MOM said...

Good to know about cheapy speakers...good for travel? Take MP3 into hotel room? Did you have a choice of getting a "Happy" face? or no choice? They look like little bombs that are going to explode!