Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Prompting...

Do you ever get a feeling that you need to go and visit someone? That you need to see if they're OK and need you in any way? Call it the Holy Ghost, or intuition, but I had that feeling this week.

It happens to me every once in a great while, and I've learned to just go with it.

This week, despite several Visiting Teaching appointments, emails with different sisters in the ward, and lots of email communication with my mom, there was one sister who I felt I needed to visit. I didn't know why and I still don't, but I knew I had to.

So yesterday I wrote her a little card of appreciation, set my GPS to her address, and followed the directions to her house. She was as surprised to see me as I was that I made the visit in the first place, but we had a lovely conversation for about half an hour and then I made my way home. The weight of the prompting lifted even though the reasons for it were still unknown.

I'm glad I followed the feeling and went. Obviously, there was a reason I was feeling like I should go, even if it hasn't been revealed to me. Maybe it never will be. And you know what? It doesn't matter.

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Tricia said...

I love that! And I would love to be in that position of recognizing those kinds of promptings more than I do. So often we will never know what good we are doing, but have to trust it means something in the end. Thanks for sharing.