Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have a new blog!

It has been an ambition of mine to have a blog devoted to reviewing books, and I've finally done it! It is still in the beginning stages, but I look forward to adding to it often. I'll include books of as many genres as possible.

Right now there are 3 reviews, but I plan to work on it as often as time allows until I get caught up with books that I want to include on it. And I've chosen to use Wordpress, instead of Blogger, because it is a little more professional-looking.

As usual, I will be bringing my own spin on things when it comes to my book reviews and sometimes even relating the books I've chosen to personal experiences, but I feel like that comes with the territory. The books we choose and how we interpret them is a personal thing.

I look forward to visitors, so please feel free to stop by. There is a link on the right under "My other sites," or you can click the heading above.

Happy Reading!

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