Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Ingredients of a Great December Day...

Yesterday I had such a great day. It was the perfect blend of productivity, getting ahead on a few things, relaxing, and spending time with family.

Although I never did get presents wrapped--which I absolutely have to start today--I did get lights up outside the house. My house doesn't have hooks to hang lights, so I just went crazy with little white twinkle lights all around the bushes. Since my mom has been cleaning out her garage, she has found bags and bags of twinkle lights that were bought over the years, packed away, and eventually swallowed into the abyss. But now they have been rediscovered and put to good use, because I used about twice as many twinkle lights this year as I have in years past.

Bailey went to the groomer first thing in the morning and was returned to me looking very clean and handsome, and my Auntie Nene (Mom's sister), cousin Laura, and cousin Cassidy came out in this direction so my mom and aunt could photograph my grandparents' house. We will be dismantling it very soon and they wanted to always remember how it looks on the inside.

We had a big ol' In 'n Out picnic in the family room, turned on some Christmas music and took pictures and reminisced. Then, with an hour before they closed, we went over to the cemetery to visit the grandparents.

Back at the house we said our goodbyes. We'll have one last Christmas Eve there this year and then it will be time to divide up many of the items in the house. I don't foresee any problems except the inevitable guilt from taking their things out of their house. It's been quite a year.

I came home, plugged in my Zune player and took Bailey for a half-hour walk listening to Christmas music and enjoying the decorations around the neighborhood. Then I came home and recorded 4 more songs over on MySpace Karaoke. Such a fun site. Such a great day.





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