Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Not the Same, Is It?

I know, my blog has taken kind of a dive in the last few days, hasn't it?

It is mostly attributed to the fact that I have now been without my own laptop for 8 days. Feels like an eternity! The little Mac I'm using from school is so basic and small that I just use it for the necessities.

Our Thanksgiving dinner (on Saturday) at my house went off without a hitch. The food everyone contributed was great, the house was very festive, and we all enjoyed each other's company a lot. I'll post pictures when I get my laptop back.

The only casualty of the evening was a salad dish that I broke during the washing process. The set is 70-80 years old, so replacing it will be near impossible. I'm mad at my own carelessness.

Yesterday I spent another 2 hours cleaning up and getting the house back in order after the family gathering. A small price to pay for being the hostess, which I really enjoy. By the time the house was back to normal, I was exhausted, and it was only 10:30am! The rest of the day I spent vegging in front of the TV, alternating between old Friends episodes and finishing up the day with a Thorn Birds marathon. That'll keep you in your seat. What a great mini-series.

I had high hopes for today, but my kids were really out of sorts and it led to a very discouraging day--I'm putting it mildly. Actually it was a stinker of a day.

I'm hoping that tomorrow we'll be back on track, the kids ready to work and behave, and that we can move swiftly through the month before Winter Break.

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