Friday, December 5, 2008

Xander and the Clauses

Today was a good day at school. I felt SO much better when I woke up this morning.

As soon as the bell rang I rushed home (safely) and my mom and I took my nephew to the Huntington Library (which is more like a museum with botanical gardens) so that Xander could take his first picture with Santa Claus.

We waited in line for an hour and he did remarkably well as he watched the older, more mobile, kids running around on a big patch of grass in the middle of the line. A dad behind us said, "It reminds me of a dog park..." That was pretty funny.

Inside the building, each family got some quick, personal time with Santa. You had to bring your own camera and the window of opportunity to get a good picture was very small, but it was still fun to chronicle Xander's first Santa experience.

Earlier today and a couple of days ago, my mom got some really good pictures of him. I love the first one! We adore this little boy. He is such a joy to spend time with. (Click on each picture to see them full-sized.)

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