Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 Reunions in One Week...

So last night was my 20-year high school reunion. Yep, 2 reunions in 1 week. Talk about being bound and gagged and forced down Memory Lane...

I didn't decide to go to my high school reunion until about 4 hours before it started. For me, high school was not that memorable. Does that sound awful? I went to my high school on a permit to take advantage of their music program and because the high school in my city was pretty big and overcrowded. I went knowing only 2 people: a girl from my church youth group, and the son of one of my mom's best friends who also went there on a permit. Most everyone else had known each other since elementary school.

For me, college was where I really blossomed. It is where I felt myself grow into the person I am today. It is where I met friends that, despite the years and distance, I really identified with and kept in touch with. It is where I roomed with my Slooky Slook girls that I just drove 1500 miles round trip to see--and would do it again in an instant. In high school I was the quiet kid, I sang in the choir, was in the AP English classes, and didn't do the "party" thing (not that I ever have...)

Still, for better or worse, I decided to go and just see how everyone looked and to know that I went. The reunion was at the Doubletree Hotel in Claremont, about a 30 mile drive. Not too bad. I did feel like $113 was pretty expensive--that was the "at the door" price. (Still, the original price was $93.) The reunion committee used one of those "reunion companies" to do a lot of the organizing, maybe that is why it cost that much.

Two of my classmates had been encouraging me on Facebook to attend, so I sought them out and sat with them. That was cool. They are very nice and I was comfortable with them. The dinner was decent, I said hi to a few other people. There was a slide show, which kind of reminded people like me that I was not one of the popular ones! But it was fun to see the big 80's hair, the campus, and some of my other friends in the pictures. It was obviously not put together by anyone I hung with.

By 10pm I was kind of ready to go. I know! That sounds so pathetic. It's funny, because being at 2 different reunions this week really impressed upon me where I'm the most comfortable. I was so comfortable with my college roommates. The years just melted away, our 2 days together just flew by, and we laughed and laughed like old times. At my high school reunion I felt like the shy, quiet bookworm again. Isn't that weird? And anyone that knows me knows that I'm not shy or quiet now.

Anyway, I'm still glad I went. Here are some pictures from last night. The huge group of pictures from the roommate reunion will be posted very soon.

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Karen said...

Love that senior pic! And I'm looking forward to that other batch of pictures... =)