Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Xander Visits Grandma...

Yesterday I had my nephew, Alexander, for the day. Amazingly, I think it is actually easier to have him for the whole day than just a couple of hours, like I usually do when school is in session.

I decided to take him out to San Dimas to visit my grandma. She hasn't seen him since Christmas and I know she has been wanting to.

My sister-in-law brought Xander at around 8:50am, I gave him breakfast, bathed him and we piled into the car for the 20 mile drive. My grandma was thrilled, of course, to be able to see her great-grandchild. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Xander, who did not want to go to her!
His personality and habits have changed a little bit lately--all part of the growing process. So my grandma and I just talked and watched him play with some of the toys at the house that my dad's wife has for her grandchild.

Despite Xander not wanting to go to my grandma, we had a nice time. She fixed us sandwiches and iced tea and we enjoyed being out of the heat of the day. I'm glad that she got to see him, which was the main goal of the visit. It is important for him to know her and to create those memories for when he is older. I know that I have very fond memories of my great-grandma in Mexico, who I visited many times and was the only great-grandparent I had. These things are very meaningful.


Karen said...

Xander just gets cuter and cuter! Even though he doesn't appreciate those visits now, he will someday. What a great aunt you are!

Sally said...

He's looking more boy than baby now. Something that's fun and sad at the same time.