Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday afternoon update...

3pm and it feels like a sauna outside right now! It is ghastly hot.

This morning I laid out the clothes I'm taking on my trip. Ironed the ones that needed to be ironed, laundered the ones that needed to be laundered. Ah, thankless, tedious tasks...

So my clothes are all packed and ready. Now I need the things that I can't pack until the last minute, like toiletries. Things that I need to use again before I pack them. Also, all my my dumb electronics that I cannot live without: laptop, Blackberry, Zune, camera, and all their chargers.

I could never be on Survivor.

It is so hot right now that I don't feel like doing anything! I feel bad for the painters outside right now.

They did do a first coat of paint on my front door, finally giving me an idea of the dark, dark green I chose as the accent color for all the doors and shutters. I like it.
Too bad they won't be done before I leave tomorrow morning. I guess I'll have to be surprised when I come back. It's OK. I've seen their work and they do a great job. How weird it will be in a week when I drive into a driveway of a house that looks completely different!

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