Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slookfest Pictures are all ready!

Yay! I'm done uploading all the pictures from my BYU roommate reunion this past week. There are 193 total, so not an easy task!

I'm still amazed that the stars aligned the way they did to make it possible for us all to be together after all this time, especially because we live--literally--across the country. L-R in this picture is Sally (NM), Karen (NC), Kristie (CA), Trish (VA), Andrea (MN), Debbie (WV), and Melanie (ID). Isn't that incredible?!

I know that these girls will visit the album I put together on Photobucket, but anyone else is welcome to see it too. We had such a great, great time. 2 days of nonstop laughter, fun, stories, emotion, and love. Everyone should be so lucky as to be part of a group like this one.

View the album HERE and enjoy.

Here are some highlights:


Sally said...

Kristie, THANK YOU!!!! You know if it was me doing the taking they wouldn't have been uploaded for a year. You are so awesome!

P.S. I was secretly hoping you would find your bracelet stuck to the inside of your shirt or something like that. Yay!

Kristie said...

Well, I couldn't keep these great pictures all to myself, could I? Hey, Sally, remember the time I found my bracelet? Yeah, that was cool. LOL!

Kristie said...

I have my bracelet back! Actually, the lady exchanged them, but it's the same style. Sla, sla!!