Friday, November 7, 2008

Aches and Pains Update...

I've had many good wishes sent my way since my fall yesterday, which I greatly appreciate.

Today I went to school, grateful that it is Friday and that we have a 4-day weekend ahead. If today wasn't Friday, I probably would've called in sick.

It is amazing how the adult body handles falls differently than a young body. Today it wasn't my knees that hurt, but both of my thighs were sore when I walked, my right shoulder has been a little painful, and I've had a headache since this morning. I guess my whole body felt the impact of the fall, not just my knees.

The hardest part is getting up from a sitting position, and trying to squat to pick something up off the floor? Forget it.

It was hard to be productive with my students because I just didn't have the energy, but experience has taught me that they behave better when they are busy, I tried to give them activities that didn't require a lot of me. Before that, we had decided that this morning we would reconfigure the desk arrangement in the room and we were expecting a Williams visit at 10am. A Williams visit is a visit from the state to make sure the kids have the text books they are supposed to have. We were still in chaos, but almost cleaned up at 9:45am and I thought, "OK, we're good, we've got 15 minutes and my room is all the way on the far end of campus." At 9:50 we had a knock on the door. I was very embarrassed. I usually try to be very impressive with visits, but today they really caught me with my guard down and the room was still not in order. Oh well. It keeps me humble.

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