Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Parent Conference Week...

Yes, it is that time of year.

A week ago today I scrambled furiously after school to complete report cards, and this week I get to go over them with the parents.

I wish I could say that I enjoy parent conferences, but I don't. They are very draining. Most of our parents are great, and very open to listening and taking suggestions, but there are always a few that get easily offended over the slightest thing and transfer all responsibility back over to the teacher.

Fortunately, since I took my class from one grade to another this year, I am familiar with most of our parents, and I don't anticipate problems with the parents I haven't met yet.

The kids had a 1:50 dismissal time on Monday and Tuesday so we could schedule conferences after school. I didn't schedule very many, like I normally do, which now I regret. Report cards and conferences really snuck up on me this year and I got thrown by the 4-day weekend two weeks ago.

On Monday I had 5 conferences scheduled and only 2 parents showed up. Not a great way to start, and very unusual, because our parents are often anxious to hear how their kids are doing in school. Yesterday I had 4 scheduled--one at 7:30am--and all of them showed up.

Today, however, is the BIG day. The kids have no school and the teachers' hours are from 12 noon until 7:30pm. I have 22 conferences scheduled for today in 15 minute increments. Yes, 22! I plan to be exhausted when I come home. Conferences are exhausting, mostly because I have a certain image as the teacher that I need to maintain and I have to choose my words so carefully.

To add insult to injury, I've been fighting a cold since I woke up on Sunday morning. Going to bed really early and trying to take it easy has helped a little, but with a week like this, there is only so much time for taking it easy. It feels great not to have to rush around this morning, but it is hard to rest when I think about the huge day ahead. This is the first time I've been sick in over a year--what a time for it.

So if you are reading this, think of me today and wish me luck! I'll need it!

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