Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another use for Scrapblog...

After being at Bernadette's house last night, I was inspired to do some cleaning out and updating. I have never considered myself a cluttery person, but she's got me beat by a long shot! This morning I organized the front of the refrigerator, scrubbed my lunch box, and cleaned out this little dish on my counter that has odds and ends (post notes, check for the gardener, batteries, paper clips, etc.)

I also decided to update my pathetic little sketch on my fridge that I use for my sprinklers. The house came with automatic sprinklers, which are great because I'm sure my lawn would be dead without them, but there are 9 different zones that I need to remember if I want to water one manually.

So I decided to use to make a new diagram. Not as easy as it seems, but as long as I understand it, that's what matters. So I went from this:
To this: (click pictures to see them full-sized if you are so inclined...)

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emmsifoppicus said...

Wow, that's a cool idea!