Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catch Up...

It is only Wednesday, but it has been a busy few days...

The weekend flew by. I spent several hours pursuing a purchase order transaction at Big 5 Sporting Goods, only to come home empty handed. It got sorted out on Monday once all of the offices were open.

On Sunday I spent an hour putting together a new toy for Alexander. A neighbor is CFO at Hotwheels, which is part of Fisher Price, and he was able to get my mom a great deal--$40 for a $100 toy. It is a doorway, with a door that opens and shuts, and lots of other lights, music, and colorful things to engage a young child. Alexander has loved it. Of course he first went for some little colored balls that didn't need any assembly. Naturally!

On Sunday night I had kind of a blind date. The neighbors 2 doors down wanted me to meet the husband's best friend. We had a great Japanese dinner and the friend was very nice and impressive. Whether I hear back from him remains to be seen, but I had a nice time.

Yesterday was exhausting. We had district visitors who went to every classroom. The 2 people who came to my room were very intimidating. They didn't even return a "hello." I found it very stressful. This is supposed to help our teaching? I don't see how. I was in knots all day and I know it translated into my teaching. I arrived home simply worn out.

I even watched both hours of the new American Idol, which I haven't done in several seasons. I like the new judge, Kara DioGuardi. She actually has some constructive things to say. A few talented people were chosen--Bikini Girl is NOT one of them!

Today was much easier. Although the visitors were still at our school, my visit was scheduled during the grade level meeting. Only one lady came in, she stayed for 10 minutes and was not as unfriendly as yesterday's visitors. A little warmth and friendliness goes a long way. I was very offended by the people yesterday. Even the kids noticed how frosty they were.

And now it feels like the week is ending and we have a nice 3-day weekend to look forward to. Dinner at Claim Jumper on Friday to celebrate a co-worker's birthday and 2 nights in San Juan Capistrano relaxing and antique shopping will be nice distractions.

All caught up!

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Karen said...

Your upcoming weekend sounds very relaxing and fun! And it sounds like you deserve it after your frosty classroom visitors this week!