Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Good Outweighs...

Ah...Thursday. I love Thursdays. It is the first day where we have an early dismissal for the week. We have usually really found our groove for what we're supposed to be doing in the classroom. Best part? Knowing that the next day is Friday.

I did have a harrowing experience on the freeway this morning, though. I was cruising down the freeway and was suddenly forced to screech to a stop to avoid hitting the car ahead of me, which had screeched to stop to avoid a very recent accident. The smashed car was in the middle of the freeway with cars going quickly all around it, but no police or ambulance. The back end of the car was very smashed but the driver appeared to be OK, although I must admit that I was so shook up from my own scary experience that I really didn't pay much attention. Another car was also stopped. All I know is that it happened in the blink of an eye and all of my things (purse, lunchbox, a Lakeshore bag) were thrown forward. That could've been me if it wasn't for the seatbelt.

I arrived at my school heart thumping, knuckles white, and a little shooken up. Fortunately, today was very smooth and it helped me recover quickly.

Throughout the day I found myself constantly looking at the classroom from an "observer's" POV, since I'll be getting my share of observers on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I redid the room arrangement, changed the kids' seats, picked new "table captains," and did some organizing in some neglected areas. Luckily, though, my room usually looks pretty good because of my natural need for order. The school will be open for 4 hours on Saturday, but I won't be there.

We also lost a kid-my most recent kid--who moved away. I hadn't seen him all week, so I had a feeling. Must be hard to be the new kid all the time. I didn't have to deal with that when I was young. The only problem with losing a kid is that now I have a vacancy and you never know who will fill that spot. I'm staying optimistic and putting happy thoughts out into the universe...

We had a good math lesson today too on a concept that I must admit I did not remember how to do--diving by decimals. It turned out great and I learned right along with the kids.

After school I did some more picking up in the classroom. I could get a better perspective with the kids gone. Then I came home and recorded 3 more songs. I know. I've been on a roll this week. What I REALLY need to do is take down Christmas stuff! I've been saying that for 5 days. That's next, I promise!




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emmsifoppicus said...

Blimey - that must have been scary!