Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Some relaxation!

Well, the last 2 days have gone pretty smoothly at school. Today was better than yesterday. Yesterday the kids were drowsy and not all there, but today you could tell that they were back on schedule and we got a lot done.

A faculty meeting after school was on the shorter side compared to normal. The main subject was to tell us "not to worry" that we're having 6 visitors next week who could visit our rooms up to 3 times in a day. And "don't worry" that our district has to cut millions of dollars from the budget over the next two years because they will only give out pink slips (layoffs) as a last resort.

Well...as long as don't have to worry... (are you kidding me?)

So I came home and tried to put those things behind me. I found Bailey (the dog) sitting in the back yard where he is supposed to be despite the fact that the electric gate had opened on its own. That dog is amazing and I'm very spoiled! He loves to roam around in the neighbors' front yards, but he knows he's supposed to stay behind that gate when I'm not home--so he does! Incredible!

Then I made my way over to the MySpace karaoke site and chose 2 incredibly difficult songs to record. Lover's Concerto took so many takes that I eventually lost count. That is a hard song! Click on the titles to hear them...I mean me.




Sally said...

I really enjoy listening to you sing. It's fun.

Kristie said...

Thanks, Sal! I really enjoy singing--it washes all the tension away for me...