Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here in Capistrano...7 hours later...

Back from a few hours of walking around..

It was hot here today. Much hotter than I anticipated. We piled in the car and turned a different direction out of the hotel only to discover that there really isn't that much to see here in San Juan Capistrano!

The hubbub around the mission is the main hubbub, Bub.

Still, we got something cool over at Starbucks and Bailey got plenty of attention as we browed around the Old Barn Antique Mall. Lots of great stuff, but nothing really essential. Still, it is fun to look.

We got some food at Pedro's Tacos. That place has great food, low prices, and a patio where we can take the pooch. 3 good things. My mom and I sat and talked there for quite a while, then browsed at a lovely jewelry store (I think I found my future engagement ring if that day should arrive someday) and then drove back to the hotel.

It's only 6:30pm, but dark. I wouldn't mind going back to Starbucks and taking advantage of their wi-fi there, but we'll see.

Tomorrow I'm determined to get an earlier start out of the hotel because it is our last day here. Back to the grind on Tuesday. The good news is that we get to watch Obama be sworn in on Tuesday. I know the poor man has such pressure to fix the multitude of problems he's inheriting, but he's just got to help our struggling country!

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