Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Through Today...

I don't want this blog to suddenly be about the recent layoff news at my district, but I've had a lot of support and questions in the last day, so I'll bring you up to date.

First of all, let me just say a big thank you to the many people who have sent notes of support. I really appreciate it. Really. Today at school my coworkers were their normally great selves and one of them even sent a quick hand-written note of encouragement first thing this morning.

As expected, the first letter that we were told about yesterday arrived in our boxes today. It has my hiring date and the kind of credential I hold, my address, and everything needs to be verified so that the information can be used for the tough decisions ahead.

I have to say, my kids were great. I told them everything. They're old enough to know and I feel like kids respect you more when you're upfront with them about these kinds of things. I also told them because if they see me stressed or having a rough day, they'll know why. They were really great the rest of the day.

After school I got a phone call from my mom encouraging me to go and use one of the gift certificates she'd given me for a mani/pedi. Our manicurist had some free time this afternoon. You know how in Legally Blond Elle always goes for a manicure when she's depressed. It really does help to get a little bit of pampering. It helps even more when it's free. I haven't been in ages, so it was time.

So I got through Day 1 after yesterday's news. It's still hard, it's still uncertain, and it is definitely still scary. I guess one day at a time is all I can do. Thanks again to everyone who has taken it upon themselves to give me a little lift. Hugs to you all...

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