Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Day, New Fresh Start...

Am I the only one who finds something very cathartic and refreshing about New Year's Day? It is like all of the challenges of the previous year have been washed away.

This morning I slept in (for me) until around 8am, fed the dog, opened up the house, made some eggs and toast, and settled down with a great Columbo episode that I had never seen before. (Thanks to the instant viewing on Netflix and the new Roku player...) It was called How to Dial a Murder. Very entertaining, as all Columbo episodes are!

Then I sat down and designed a new look for this blog, as you can see. What a fun way to be creative once in a while. During that time I turned on the fabulous soundtrack to Annie Get Your Gun, the Broadway version with Bernadette Peters. I have been listening to that one a lot lately because it has such great songs and is so upbeat.

Right now I'm waiting for my mom to return from the Rose Parade, which she goes to every year. Poor Mom, she has such a hard time getting anyone to go with her! No one wants to get up that early! She's got it down to a science so that she doesn't have to camp out on Colorado Blvd overnight, but it is still an early morning. I like to go when there is a cool Grand Marshal or other fun people that I know there will be to see. Over the years we've seen Shirley Temple, Gregory Peck, Mr. Rogers, and many other iconic figures.

It just feels good today to not have to be rushing off anywhere or have any pressing obligations, (except set the table and prep some of the cooking for another round of company tomorrow...) We've having over 3 teachers from my first school in east LA. This is the 2nd year in a row that we've had a little New Year's potluck at my house. I guess it is becoming a tradition!

And, since I've been enjoying the Annie Get Your Gun music so much lately, here's a great clip I found of 2 songs that were performed on the Tony Awards a few years ago. Bernadette Peters is amazing! I don't know where she gets her energy. The woman is in her 50's, and she looks great!

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