Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nature puts on a show...

This morning I was on the phone with my long-lost roommate, Sally, (see above post) and while standing at the door leading to my backyard I saw a big ol' praying mantis lounging on the side of one of the hummingbird feeders.

That was interesting enough, but then some hummingbirds came along looking for a meal and the mantis actually reached his little arms/paws out to them!

After I got off the phone I stood there waiting for another hummingbird to come along so I could get a picture. Here's what I saw. Click on the pictures to see them full-sized.

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Melissa said...

Hi Kristie,

Those are great pictures! So cool!

How are you? I had to stop in and see what new blogs you have up, and how awesome to be reunited with your old college roommates, I'm sure you're having fun catching up. :)