Thursday, March 6, 2014

3 things: Being full, more almond milk info, and labels vs. ingredients

Yes, fresh eggs really are that bright! So are our orange counters. No touch-ups in this photo.
I'm full...

I think one of the things I've been marveling at lately is how "not hungry" I've been. I say this sitting here still sweaty from this morning's workout (a pretty sight, I must say,) and having just eaten breakfast.

In the past, I think I convinced myself that I had to be really full in order to function for the next few hours.  And when you do that long enough your body starts to forget what "full" even means, versus "really full."  Right now I'm full, but not bursting, and that's the way we're supposed to feel.

One of the great things about eating clean and natural is that you can actually eat more with less caloric consequences.  This was something I became aware of on Weight Watchers about 10 years ago (still the best, most realistic weight-loss solution if you need meetings, support, knowledge, etc.)  Of course knowing it and doing it are 2 separate things, and when you're working full-time, as I was all of those years, it makes it even more difficult.  I would come home so tired that all I cared about was food that was simple and fast.

As I said in the past, I'm not really journaling or counting exact calories this time, but I am conscious of the calories at meals, especially breakfast and lunch.

Above is a picture of the breakfast I just ate.  2 eggs are about 140 calories, a cup of fruit (the apple) is around 50, and the glass of almond milk (mainly almonds and water) around 50 calories (another reason to LOVE almond milk.  I'm full and satisfied on a "300 or less" calorie breakfast.

Tonight we are going out for Hubby's birthday.  Fortunately I am familiar with the restaurant's menu, so I already know what I am going to order (a salad with dark meat chicken.)  But no soda and no dessert like in the past.  I'll be fine.  Tomorrow is MY birthday, and I'm aiming for some sushi, either at lunch or dinner.

Separate is OK...

On a completely different subject, I need to address the homemade almond milk adventure for a moment.  The last 2 batches have been fabulous, with a few added sprinkles of cinnamon, nutmeg, and a squeeze of agave.

But, there is something else that came as quite a surprise to me when I made my own almond milk.

It separates.  And that's OK. 

Surprise!  Surprise! Just give it a little swish before drinking it.
This separation thing was not something I was prepared for,  After all, the Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk doesn't do that.  But, even at 30 calories/8 ounces, it still tastes different than homemade.  It is definitely produced to be attractive, to taste a lot like cow's milk with a little nutty flavor, and to never separate.  That's fine, no judgement, but I want to go one step beyond that. 

For those who have read other posts and are making their own almond milk at home, I just wanted to point this out so that there are no surprises. 

Subway, the "organic label" and others...

Last night Hubby and I watched a documentary called In Organic We Trust on Amazon streaming. The information talked about in the film, in conjunction with an article I read on on Subway's unsavory practices, reminded me that labels like "organic" and catchphrases like Subway's "Eat Fresh" can be misleading. Remember that eating organic does not mean you are going to lose a bunch of weight and suddenly get healthier. (This could be a whole other post.)  My eating practices lately have been a combination of eating LESS and eating CLEANER.

The main thing is to read the ingredients.  Not just the label, the ingredients.

Example. Yesterday I saw some Silk Strawberry Soy Yogurt at the store...

Look at that attractive label.  It's yogurt!  Yogurt=healthy.  Dairy free and made with soy...even better.  And in a moment of forgetting my own advice, I plopped one in the basket.  Then I heard a little "ding" go off in my the ingredients.  Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, most of them were unpronounceable.  And the little attractive cup of soy yogurt went back on the shelf.

Trying not to obsess...

As I close this post, I want to reiterate that I am really trying not to be a pill to those around me when it comes to eating.  On Tuesday for a birthday luncheon, and tonight for Eric's birthday, I am not going to wear out some poor waitress and ask her about the ingredients in the salad dressing.  And, no, I am not going to bring my own.

This is not about making everyone around me miserable in my efforts to eat better.  It's a personal choice and I'm learning a lot, which I'm happy to share here and to those who notice and ask.  This is not about preaching to my husband or others and casting disapproving looks at everyone in the McDonald's drive-thru line.  Those things are very hard to give up.  Believe me, I know, and I struggle every day.

This is just about learning what I can and doing my best, for me. 

Have a great day, everyone.  Try to avoid doing this...  :-)

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