Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Fitbit: Working with the food plan

I have this dilemma because, with the exception of my morning workout, which is usually from 7:35 to 8:25 am, I don't really start burning calories at a high rate until noon and later.  I think this is the reason I've been under my recommended calorie intake for 3 days in a row.

Today after breakfast I was over (red zone!).  I was over after lunch too, which was hearty (but smart) because I was extra hungry today.  I did some moving around in the afternoon which brought me up on my calorie burn and then ended up having a Quizno's turkey, ranch and swiss sammie for dinner, which I know is 630 calories.

I was up again and needed to burn off around 300 calories to be in the green zone.  I put on a movie and started moving--jogging in place, step-touch, whatever I could do just to keep moving.  It took a while, but I got there!  This was by 7pm.

The problem today is that my exercise choices were limited by the weather.  No walking the dog, no walking by the lake like yesterday.

But as long as you're moving, you burn. So I did some housework and made some soup for my lunches for the next few days and I burned enough to go under again! 

2 Organic mint cookies and some almond milk set me straight.  Green zone, yay! (I do look forward to the day when I won't be dependent on that little dial, but for now I'm glad I have it as a reference.)

I'm finding that getting in my 10,000 steps (16,750 as of 11pm tonight) and staying in that green zone with calories are my 2 daily challenges.

I'm actually at 2705 burned today, but 2329 is my goal, so anything over that is CHAMP.  Fitbit set my goal and I can change it if necessary but haven't seen a need to do so.
Again, from a little earlier.  I went to the yellow, then back to the green since this picture.  The green is where my body is happy!

There are so many graphs and charts, I'm constantly finding new ones.  Here's a new one I just discovered a few minutes ago.  As long as there is a 1000 calorie difference between the green and the blue, and the green is taller, I'm good!

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