Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Fitbit: The Unforgiving Body Likes Sushi

The Unforgiving Body.  That is my blessing and my curse.  OK, maybe just a curse.  But it really does not allow me to slack or cheat.  Up another 0.2lb this morning, despite eating really well yesterday.  So all week I've been bouncing between 1_8.0 and 1_8.8.

This morning I got up early and saw that 0.2lb increase and was frustrated.  I'll admit it.  A bad word nearly escaped.  It was 6am and I ran downstairs to the family room, got on those workout clothes, and sweated with the Jillian Michaels video for the first time in 6 days.  My health isn't 100%, but I was able to do it.

At 8:45am, Hubby and I piled into the car and drove across the WA/OR border to go finalize paperwork for our CCL permits.  It was raining buckets all 25 miles there and 25 miles back.  We arrived back in town tired from standing in line and braving the rain when Hubby suggested sushi.

I can say no to a lot of things, but sushi isn't one of them.

Would you say no to a lunch like this?  Didn't think so.
Add on miso soup and a little bowl of the best cucumber salad ever and that was lunch.  I counted the soup and the rice the best I could on the Fitbit site.  Sashimi is not listed in a very comprehensive way, so I used the one type of fish it had to estimate.  When in doubt I round UP.  But it was a late meal and probably the main meal of the day.

So, it is back to the Jillian video.  Tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, etc, until I get unstuck.  Time to sweat.

P.S.  Happy 600th post to me!!!

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MOM said...

That looks absolutely scrumptious! And to think I had a little Trader Joe's Miso Soup bowl with veggies tonight...looks sad next to your meal. I still say it's your illness and how the body gets off-kilter when it's not up to par. It'll come off in a few days.