Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Fitbit: Firsts

How true that quote is!

Actually, it comes straight out of the workout video I often do, and I can tell you exactly when she says it:  right before "mountain climbers" on the mat.  Those things make me sweat!

This morning was Day 2 with a sore throat.  It is drizzly outside--yesterday was probably the week's best weather--but I rolled out of bed and put on my workout clothes and running shoes.  I went to the lake, walked a little at the beginning and then began jogging.  It felt so good I almost thought someone was pushing me!  Half an hour later I jogged up the front steps of our house feeling just awesome.

And the "firsts" began.

First time really jogging in about 12 years.

First time jogging in drizzly, 50 degree weather. (I'm still something of a weather wimp.)

First time using 5 lb hand weights.  (I did the Strength section--15 min--of Jane Fonda's AM PM yoga when I got home. My arms felt the challenge, but it was doable. I began in January with 2lbs, then quickly progressed to 3lbs.  I've been "visiting" the 5lb weights at the store for weeks and finally felt ready to buy them yesterday.)

And, recently with the Jillian video:

First time doing real jumping jacks since I was a kid!

First time doing the "walking ab hold" propped up on my toes, not my knees.  

First time doing 120 knee crunches!  (2 sets of 30 x 2 circuits)

First time doing a cardio blast for so many minutes at a time!

With the Fitbit:

First time drinking 64 ounces of water per day.

First time I've been really dedicated about counting calories.

First time getting in a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

First time exercising (in some way) 7 days a week.  

First time losing weight consistently each day!  No plateaus!  (Even .2 lbs is progress!)

With my eating:

First time staying away from cow's milk and other dairy (except eggs.)

First time eating several servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

First time resisting fast food.

First time eliminating *almost* all processed foods. 

First time not drinking soda. (It's been about 5 weeks now.)

First time staying away from candy, chocolate and desserts. (How? Fruit and progress!)

Wow, as I was brainstorming these things I realized that this is a lot of firsts.  Yay!  There is a scared part of my brain that hopes I do not fall into bad habits again once I reach my goal weight, but I'm trying not to let that negativity creep in.

The point is, if I can do it, anyone can do it.  As I go through this list I see things I never imagined doing.  Doing them gradually is definitely the key, and having a great support system is wonderfully helpful.  Hubby has been AWESOME throughout all of this.  Never has he said, "I hope you can keep this up."  It is always "You'll do it."  "You'll get there."  Definitive, positive statements are very helpful to hear!

These firsts might seem a little drastic to someone else (5 months ago, they would've seemed drastic to me,) but, like I said, I've worked up to this.  The real changes in the quality of my eating only began about 6 weeks ago.

Getting fit enough to even consider doing the Jillian video also took several weeks. That's why I started out with the Jane Fonda videos, working out with ladies 20 years older than me! There is no shame in that.  You want to push yourself, but not to the point where you're so miserable that you'll quit.

What's that quote?  "It's a marathon, not a sprint." 

This is my marathon and I'm going to keep on keepin' on.  18.6 pounds gone as of this morning!