Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Fitbit: Take THAT, Pesky Poundage! (And some Smoothie Thoughts)

Woo hoo!  Who was down an entire pound this morning?  Me, that who!

Of course this is after doing the Jillian video yesterday, having a simple smoothie for breakfast, that beautiful sushi lunch and another smoothie for dinner.

Smoothie #1 was 2 bananas, 16oz of almond milk, 1oz of blueberries

Smoothie #2 was just 1 banana and 16oz of almond milk.

Sometimes I hear people talking about their smoothies and they wonder why they are not losing weight when the smoothie might have yogurt, a packet of Carnation Instant Breakfast, cow's milk, and other heavy ingredients.  I assure you that smoothies with simple ingredients are filling--and if weight loss is your goal, they will help you with that much faster.

It is the same with eating.  I mentioned this a few posts back.

Someone asked me recently, "I can really tell you're losing weight!  What are you doing?"

My answer, "I'm not eating the tablecloth!"  :-)  In other words, I'm cutting back, stopping when I'm full, and not eating everything in sight.  But also keeping it simple, eating real food most of the time.

The only non-real food I'm eating are Progresso soups for lunch once in a while, my Cafe Viennas when I need a warm beverage that isn't herbal tea, a Quiznos turkey/ranch/swiss when I can afford the calories, and Vitamin Water Zero (1-2 day.)  But real fast food, chocolate, soda?  I haven't had those in weeks.  Sob.  Just kidding.

Anyway, back to the victory on the scale this morning...I'm so happy!  Just like that other post I wrote called "Progress Keeps You Motivated," seeing this morning's progress got me motivated.

We're back on track.  Let's keep movin' and losing.

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