Monday, March 24, 2014

More Fitbit: The 64 Ounce Revelation

Anyone who knows me well knows that I really struggle with my skin.  Hereditary eczema manifested itself when I was 20 and never left.  I have managed it with creams, ointments, drops, and even covering it up on the back of my neck with long hair. (Until I cut it in 1997.)

Towards the end of living in California it worsened. I was in terrible (and I mean terrible) shape when I moved to Washington in 2010--probably from the stress of so many huge life changes all at once.  My mind and heart knew that they were all good life changes, but my skin was convinced otherwise.

Eventually it improved, but not as much as I would like.

Prednisone has become my best friend and worst enemy.  I only take it when I'm desperate, which is every few weeks for a few days. 

Yesterday and today, though, my skin is incredibly clear--and I haven't taken any Prednisone in 9 days.

The patches that I am used to seeing on the side of my neck, near my right shoulder, and under my chin are almost completely healed and nearly invisible.

Even the Prednisone doesn't give me those kinds of results.  What did I do differently this week?

Ding!  Lightbulb!

Fitbit to the rescue.

This past week is the first time ever, in my entire life, that I actually drank a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.  Every single day for the last 9 days.  

That has to be it, because it is the only habit I've drastically changed.

We've all heard it for years.  Maybe there is something to it. You think?

My water stats so far this morning. I'm actually averaging more like 72 ounces a day.  My skin likey!
I log my water consumption just like I log my food.  I'm almost certain this is the reason my skin looks so good.

Even before the Fitbit, I was beginning to drink more water just to stay hydrated with that intense Jillian Michaels video I do. 
I keep a full pitcher of filtered water in the main fridge.

Hubby rigged up this DIY water filter a few months ago after seeing the instructions on YouTube.  It uses two 2.5 gallon food grade buckets and 2 Berkey filters ($107 for the pair.)  Good for 10,000 gallons.  We use it several times every single day.

The 2 Berkey filters.  Buying a whole Berkey setup, a little more attractive than ours, runs into several hundred dollars.  This is the inexpensive version, along with a $7 spigot and $15 plant stand.  It may not be beautiful, but it is highly functional!  Preppers do a 5 gallon version, but we scaled it down for daily use.

We have a small fridge at the end of the kitchen counter that is just for water.  We rotate the numbered jugs.  Filtered 1&2 and 1 unfiltered.  Time to stock up on more Vitamin water for me!  Confession:  we actually started doing this a year ago when we bought the Sodastream.  But I don't drink soda anymore. 
That is our water setup.  Having a water filter is so much easier, cheaper, better for the environment, and less bulky than buying bottled water.

I'm just happy that my skin is responding to being properly hydrated.  And to the good food.  From the book I'm reading, it takes days, weeks, and sometimes months and years for certain chemicals and other grossness to leave the body.  Now that I'm eating so much better, maybe that is what's finally happening.  I hope it lasts!  If this is the way to finally have clear, clear skin, I'm all over it!

Random Share:

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and decided to walk part of the lake in the glorious sunshine instead of doing a workout video down in the family room.
Hello Sunshine!! Who cares that it was only 35 degrees?
More than halfway to my 10,000 step goal at only 9:40am. Totally worth it.
P.S.  My throat feels a lot better too. Happiness.

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MOM said...

Amazing about the water! I also am amazed that after all this time of doing your new program you are seeing changes. I guess some of the stuff really does take a while to change. I am almost 100% on almond milk, due to your influence. Not perfect on the gut problems, but better...could that be it? The healthier I eat, the calmer the stomach...who would have known that going back to basics and really healthy stuff could be so....healthy???