Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Fitbit: Weekly Stats and the Sickies

Stats!  More charts and numbers!

This morning I received an email that included the chart above.  Pretty darn cool.  (I blotted out weight numbers and friends' names and their steps for privacy.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't quite make it to 50 miles again this last week, but I still think these numbers look pretty good. 

Unfortunately, my cold has decided to get worse before it gets better.  Monday's sore throat added on sniffles and sneezes yesterday, and a croaky voice plus feeling pretty blah today.

I did 10 minutes of yoga this morning and my body said, "That's enough."

So I dragged myself to the store and stocked up on chicken soup, Sudafed, cough drops, and Vitamin C.  I think I pushed myself too much these last 2 days and yesterday turned into a very busy day.  I even planned out and typed an entire church lesson I have to give on Sunday.

Today will be a day of rest and healing.  Fitness goals are not a priority.  Getting well is job #1.

I didn't listen to my body on Monday when this cold began and now I'm paying the price.  OK, I'm listening!  Time for a hot shower and then back to bed. 


MOM said...

So sorry you're not feeling've been goin' pretty hard the last few weeks...we do need to listen, don't we?

Kristie said...

I've been dedicated, yes, but when it is the body's turn to get sick there isn't much we can do but take care of ourselves. I haven't had a real cold with these symptoms in over 2 years, so it was bound to happen eventually!