Saturday, March 1, 2014

We love our Nutribullet! (And the allergy conundrum.)

Just a quick post about the Nutribullet we bought a few weeks ago.  We love it!  I've had smoothies for breakfast almost every day this week and drinking fruits in amounts that I normally do not have.  I know my body is going into shock at the way I've been eating lately.  Hopefully a good shock!

Here are the things that make the Nutribullet a little piece of awesomeness:
1.  1/3 price of a high-quality juicer.
2.  Smaller than a juicer, with less parts.
3.  Rinse and you're done.
4.  Easier to put together and take apart than a juicer.
5.  A quicker process from start to finish (5 minutes versus 20-30.)
6.  No smelly pulp--you drink everything.
7.  The results are more filling.  Really a meal substitute.

There are probably more things about it which are great that I just can't think of now.  What I do know is that I'm usually full for 4-5 hours after drinking whatever concoction I've made.  This morning I woke up later than usual after having the first good night's sleep in 3 nights, chatted with Hubby, worked out for an hour, and made a smoothie around 11am.  That is much later than I would normally have breakfast, so I will probably have a snack to substitute for lunch and an early dinner.

Today's smoothie:

2 bananas
1 mango
a squeeze of agave nectar
homemade almond milk to the "Max" line
I would have added a tbsp of flax seeds, but I forgot.

The results:  A heavenly, frothy, tropical taste that went down smooth and filled me up.

It's a shame, but I really don't see our juicer getting much use anymore.  The process is just way too labor-intensive.  But it is a process, all of it.  The weight loss journey, eating whole and natural foods,staying away from the processed temptations that are everywhere, and learning which exercises suit my age and lifestyle. (I have to say, the fruits have really satisfied my very strong sweet tooth. I'm not craving chocolate and other things.  It's almost as if my body has forgotten about them.  My mind hasn't, but my body has!)

I'm also learning that as I get older (6 days to 43...) my body is developing resistance to certain things.  I already learned the hard way last summer that I'm allergic to sulfa.  Now I'm thinking I might be allergic to either blueberries or raspberries.  After using both in smoothies this week, my chest and arms became blotchy, itchy messes.  I was even scratching myself in my sleep, which wasn't pretty. 

First I cut out raspberries, then today I did not use blueberries in the smoothie.  I hate the idea of loading up on Prednisone, which I only use as a last resort, but yesterday I was at my wits end, even after rubbing neem/aloe gel all over the itchies.  So I took some.  Today I took some more.  Again, a process. ("It's a process" feels like my new mantra.)

And I promise, this blog is not going to be all about my weight loss crusade, but I am learning a lot this time and want to share.  (Although the blog has been getting a lot more activity lately from readers...)  Feedback and testimonial are always welcome! 


Becky Cook said...

Thanks for the visit and the comments on my blog!

Have you put in any vegetables into your smoothie? I started off with spinach and then moved onto kale. I don't even notice it is in there. I will say that I sprouted some seeds that had arugula and radish in them and they are NOT good in a smoothie. I need to find some sweeter sprouts to use.

Have a blessed weekend

Kristie said...

Yes, I've done some with kale, spinach, and carrots at different times. I prefer spinach to kale because kale is so overpowering, but I know kale probably has more nutrients. I get plenty of opportunities to eat veggies throughout the day, so a morning smoothie with mostly fruit is just the ticket!

MOM said...
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MOM said...

I've been reading your blogs more lately...because I'm learning so much! I love the sound of that little bullet thing; maybe soon I'll invest in one. I'll keep reading your stuff and keep learning! Yes, everything is a is a know how old I am and I am still learning about my body, my life, my kids, the world, people, etc.

Kristie said...

Totally worth it! Just get the basic setup, which is what we have.

Kristie said...

P.S. Mom, your comment somehow ended up here twice, so I removed one. :-)

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