Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrate with me....

...because the gardening is DONE!! Woo hoo!!

I don't know what has gotten into me. I have been so motivated to work in the yard and go non-stop all week. Today was the 4th straight day that I've created an ultra-busy day from morning 'til night.

This morning I woke up earlier than I wanted to, spent a little while sitting in the backyard reading, and then realized that, yes, I did have the energy and the time to do that last flower bed today. It was the only thing standing between me and a 100% completed backyard. After a good breakfast, I set to work cleaning out that rascally thing, all overgrown with weeds and calla lilies popping up hither and thither. Those blasted things are impossible to get rid of! I dug until I hit the bulbs, but I know there are still some I missed that are going to start popping up again. I need to stay on top of them.

The cleaning out took a good 2 hours, plus distributing new soil until I ran out. After some errands and lunch at Ruby's Diner with Mom, I went to the nursery and stocked up on colorful flowers. I didn't even start planting until 5:30pm and finally finished at 7:30pm. Then of course there is putting away all the gardening tools, throwing away the empty containers, and cleaning and sweeping up the dirt and debris.

I'm so proud of myself! It is going to be a festival of color once the flowers start to fill in!


STEP 1: Blecch!! This area needed to be cleaned out so badly! It's a big job...
OK, big progress, need to add some dirt and smooth everything out, but it already looks a lot better!
STEP 3: All done! Ah, the feeling of satisfaction is awesome!

And, all through the day I was followed around by my 2 little gardening buddies, Bailey and Ramius. I finally got a shot of Ramius up in the orange tree and a really cute picture of Bailey. They were both underfoot all day!
Can you find the kitty? On the branch above the birdhouse...

There's my puppy! 100lbs of black furry love!

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