Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is the scene at night these last few days. Horrible, isn't it? This picture was taken by a friend of mine up on a rooftop in Pasadena, about 10 minutes away from my house. Last night from my driveway I could see the smaller fires on the top right burning. The big area on the left was obstructed by trees.

This morning the air is heavy with smoke, the car is covered in ash, the sun looks red, and the smell is nasty. I can even smell it from inside my house with the doors and windows shut. We have fires every year, but nothing like this. I know that fire stations from surrounding cities have been working round the clock to get them under control, but are not having a lot of success just yet. Thousands of acres have burned, people have been evacuated, some houses have been lost. Very sad. I wouldn't doubt it if they eliminate the kids' recess on the first day of school because of the air quality.

Two more daytime pictures:


Karen said...

As an Eastener, those pictures are surreal. We just don't deal with anything like that here.

My uncle and grandpa were volunteer fire fighters in Utah, though, so I grew up hearing stories about fighting fires like those!

Just hold your breath! =)

Kristie said...

Believe me, they are surreal for me too and I'm living minutes away from where the fires are located. These are the worst I've ever seen. I've been staying inside, along with all the pets, with the A/C on, just trying to keep the smoky smell out of the house.