Friday, August 14, 2009

Dahlin' you look mah-velous!

I get bored with the same blog background after a very short time, so it was time for a facelift (on the blog...not me!) I know that a lot of people who stop by here have blogs of their own, so let me tell you about the sites I use.

For backgrounds, my favorites are:

THE CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK (the first "cute" background site I found when I started)

SHABBY BLOGS (currently being used...I find myself going to this site more and more...)

I have also had luck at:



ONE CUTE BLOG (great backgrounds, but a lot are not made for widescreen monitors)

There are others, of course. The ones I listed often have links to others.

And those headers I make are all done at this COOL online scrapbooking site called SCRAPBLOG.COM.

Scrapblog is FREE and very, very user-friendly. You set up a free account (no personal info required) and can start creating using one of their templates or a blank sheet. Then you save it and publish it. I use the "print screen" feature on my keyboard to save it into a file on my laptop and then I resize it to the "web--large" size, otherwise it doesn't upload well.

Super easy. And very fun for the creative or "wants-to-be creative" person...

Some headers I've made:

If you have a blog and want to make a header, and need some help on Scrap Blog, let me know and I'll walk you through the process. You feel so great when they're all done!


Karen said...

My current blog background is from Delightful Dots, and I found that site because of you!

I'd love to make a header for our blog. I'll give it a try on my own, but you'll probably be hearing from me. =)

Kristie said...

Happy to help! Actually, if you have PhotoShop (I don't) you can also use it to make a header. My friend, Jennifer, one of my "peeps" listed on the right, did it easily with the blog she just started today. :-)