Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepy, tired, exhausted...

Today I went back to work and started setting up my classroom. The good news is that I have a fantastic helper who is so efficient, she is like having 5 helpers. (Altagracia, my mom's former aide.) The bad news is that I had a terrible night's sleep where I was tossing and turning until 2am and then still had a fitful sleep between 2am and 7:30am.

Despite the fact that the classroom looked relatively the same (and bare) when I arrived this morning, what felt like a victory at the end of June felt like a daunting task today. Luckily, Alta works like a little tornado, and we had the furniture in place and she got the bulletin boards up in a few hours. I ran to the teacher supply store for some borders, a new calender, and some new posters while she kept plugging along. That was probably the most productive thing I was able to accomplish. And yes, all of those cute decorations in classrooms were bought by the teacher, not provided by the school.

By 1pm I was going in circles and my head was all fuzzy. I thought it was from hunger, but after a quick burger I realized it was tiredness. So we called it a day, happy with the progress so far, and will try again tomorrow. I've got to sleep better tonight.

Seriously, if a genie appeared and offered me 3 wishes, I think I would use one of them to wish to be a really good sleeper.

8:45pm and I'm showered and in jammies, ready to try this again. Off to bed. Wish me luck!


Karen said...

Teachers are definitely underappreciated! Hope you got a better nite's sleep last nite!

My kids started this morning, so we're all pretty groggy here. =)

Kristie said...

Thanks, Karen! It is comforting to know that a few people are aware of that! Last night's sleep was a tiny bit better, but I woke up from 2:30am-4:30am. Sheesh. Maybe tonight? 3rd's a charm? I hope so, because we have an 8am meeting tomorrow.

Sally said...

Good luck! It must be difficult to switch gears between summer vacation and school starting. It makes me crazy how underfunded schools are. Lily's first grade list this year included things like white board markers and copy paper. The school budget can't even supply these necessities for the teacher??? But we have our priorities in this country. We need our giant military machine to keep our poor underfunded schools safe from evil doers.

Kristie said...

Your comment was awesome, Sally. Yes, it is difficult to switch gears and get into "teacher" mode again. Sometimes I'll ask myself, "How did I teach that?" As far as the back-to-school lists, we don't even do that where I teach because of the parents' economic situations. But it is amazing how the government--and here in CA it is Schwartzenegger--is so flippant about taking $$ away from education.