Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Xander at the Arboretum...again!

If you're noticing a pattern of Arboretum pictures, it is because that is a favorite place of my family's to visit. My mom used to take us there when we were kids (and when it was free) and it is a part of my childhood that I'll always cherish. When she is babysitting my nephew, and I'm visiting, we enjoy taking him places, and the Arboretum continues to be one of our top choices. Now we are annual members.

Today Xander's big accomplishment was that he climbed the steps all the up to the top of the waterfall by himself! I held his hand to steady him, but he did the rest. What a powerful feat!

Some pictures from today:

Above is the "victory" picture. Xander walking around the pond at the top of the waterfall after a very determined climb up approximately 30 steps...

You can't take pictures of the Arboretum without including at least one of Queen Anne's Cottage...

...and a peacock!

And...we were trying to take a movie of Xander climbing headfirst into his stroller, which he did numerous times during the day, and instead we ended up with this "squealing symphony." Oh well! Still funny!


Karen said...

That little guy is too cute!!

Kristie said...

Isn't he, though? He does some of the funniest things!